So let’s see… We’ve got:

The elven princess who tries to hold the group together, while trying to figure out what she feels, while she’s still modest and adorable as fuck.

The wizard who’s an adorkable idiot one minute, but the next he’s this creepy evil guy, and the next he’s a smirking…



Holy flipping!!

It’s out! It’s flipping out!! You see that thing right there?? That’s Prophecy The Musical!! My sisters musical!! Now don’t be sceptical cause I’m not saying this just becuase she’s my sister but this thing here!! It’s amazing! I cried the first time I read the manuscript.Each single one in the audience loved it and I wouldn’t be trying to spread it if I didn’t think it was worth watching. Now it’s not for everyone, you gotta know English and there’s some strong fantasy themes here, elves, wizards, godesses, and if you’re homophobic please the exit is to the left. But for the rest! Damn you gotta watch this! Not just due to the manusscript but due to the songs! I’ve been humming most of them nonstop for the past 6 months!! So please give it a shot. It’s a brilliant work especially from someone who’s not even 20 and with no actual education in how to write a song. Just give it a shot.

  • Romano: Italy, I found a way to bring back grandpa rome
  • Italy: Vee~ That's great!
  • Romano: See, I found this prophecy...
  • Italy: A professor?
  • Romano: No, a prophecy.
  • Italy: A female professor?
  • Romano: No... a pro...
  • Italy: Oh, a prophecy!
  • Romano: Exactly!
  • Italy: What's her name?